Will Design come under the purview of Trademark?

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By: Nidhi Tandon

It was a `spot the difference’ moment for a judge at the Bombay High Court when he came across `almost identical’ water bottles while hearing a case of infringement. Failing to tell the water bottles apart, the judge ordered the infringer to stop manufacturing its product. The case was brought to court by well-known manufacturer Cello Household Products against Modware India for copying the design and packaging of its bottle ‘PURO’.

Payments Banks: Cashless Banking for the Unbanked

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By: Sharanya Ranga and Laxmi Joshi

The government led demonetization drive in November 2016 led to a surge in the usage of digital payments in India with even mom and pop stores and hawkers embracing cash-free payment options. Mobile wallets suddenly became the buzzword and gained mainstream acceptance from being seen as a niche player. The other aspect that came into the spotlight was India’s low financial inclusion rate (only around 35% of adults in India had access to a formal bank account[1]) and how the benefits of going digital can be leveraged to increase financial inclusion for the teeming millions. Conceptually this is one of the key drivers of payment banks in India.

Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Bitcoins: The Indian Perspective

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By: Sharanya Ranga and Probal Bose

The ‘fintech’ space in India has seen a dramatic boom in terms of technological developments over the past few years. Add to that the government’s continuous push to embrace a digital economy post the demonetization measures in November 2016. India’s central bank, The Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) has also been in the forefront, almost keeping pace with the technological advancements in the fintech space, by considering various fintech developments that are taking place in India as well as globally.