Data Brokering: Another Landmine Lurking Around In Digital Space?

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By: Sharanya Ranga and Probal Bose

With the government’s push towards a Digital India, the data privacy regime in the country or rather the lack of it has come under immense scrutiny. We have been ploughing through one incident after another at a rather alarming pace, with the debit card data breach in October 2016, the Aadhaar data breach a couple of weeks back almost in sync with the Cloudflare data breach. Along with these security breaches, recent data brokering activities that have come to light has left the digital population of the country worried. While the data brokering industry is in its nascent stage in India, it is nevertheless a serious privacy concern.

Budget 2017: Acche Din for India’s digital economy

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By: Sharanya Ranga

“Digital payments are to finance, what wheel is to transport”, so began the Watal Committee report that came out in December 2016. Rightfully recognising that we are on the cusp of a massive digital revolution, the Finance Minister in his budget speech outlined various proposals that will accelerate the pace of digitisation of the Indian economy.

E-pharmacies in India: Balancing Convenience with Safeguards is the Need of the Hour

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By: Probal Bose

The technology disruption has made a significant impact on the pharmacy segment with the online-pharmacy market recording over 700% growth in India in the last four years. Given the nature of the pharmacy sector and the sensitivities involved in matters of consumer health, the dynamics here are slightly different from the e-commerce sector.

We take a quick look at the regulatory framework and key issues involving this nascent sector.

Existing framework for pharmacies: