Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and contractual rights in India

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By: Sharanya Ranga and Neil Lopez

Contract enforcement through speedy dispute resolution has always been one of the biggest concerns for the business community in India, particularly foreign investors. The recent judgments of the Delhi High Court (HC) in the high profile Tata-Docomo case[1] and that of the Cruz City-Unitech case[2] touching upon enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and contractual obligations, have helped boost investor confidence. We briefly discuss these two judgments and their larger impact on foreign investment.

Realizing the potential of equity crowdfunding

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By: Sharanya Ranga

Recent news that the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is cracking the whip on angel investment networks has grabbed headlines. It is understandable for the market regulator to watch out for investor protection, especially in the aftermath of the Sahara and Saradha scams, and given the peculiarities of the Indian market. But Sebi cannot remain oblivious to the winds of technological innovation blowing across the finance/regulatory arena. It is time Sebi proactively embraced a progressive outlook in sync with the digital era we live in and hastened the process to roll out a regulatory framework for equity crowdfunding in India.

Getting the Deal Through: Franchise 2018

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By: Sharanya Ranga, Laxmi Joshi and Aditi Rani

Advaya Legal contributed to the India chapter of Getting the Deal Through: Franchise 2018.

Read here: https://gettingthedealthrough.com/area/14/jurisdiction/13/franchise-2018-india/