Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Bitcoins: The Indian Perspective

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By: Sharanya Ranga and Probal Bose

The ‘fintech’ space in India has seen a dramatic boom in terms of technological developments over the past few years. Add to that the government’s continuous push to embrace a digital economy post the demonetization measures in November 2016. India’s central bank, The Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) has also been in the forefront, almost keeping pace with the technological advancements in the fintech space, by considering various fintech developments that are taking place in India as well as globally.

Guidelines for Contractual Terms for Cloud Service Providers

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By: Probal Bose

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has issued guidelines in the last week of March earlier this year, for government departments on contractual terms related to cloud services (“Guidelines”). These Guidelines are framed to promote the government’s MeghRaj Policy or Cloud Initiative undertaken in order to utilise and harness the benefits of cloud computing and provide strategic direction for adoption of cloud services by the government. The Guidelines provide draft clauses that have to be included in such contracts with cloud service providers (“CSPs”) such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud.

Air Tight, for Air Travellers

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By: Ramesh Vaidyanathan and Mansi Singh

India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world, fuelled by factors such as rising income levels and competitive airfares. With airlines, particularly low cost ones, expanding their fleet and network by the day, they are increasingly confronted with instances of unruly behaviour by passengers.

The issue received some much deserved attention in the aftermath of a deplorable assault on an Air India staffer by Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad. In a somewhat belligerent and unprecedented counterattack that pleased the general public, Air India and all private airlines banned the MP from flying on their aircraft.