Will or Gift?

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By: Priyanka Shetty

What is a will?

A will is a legal declaration of the intention of a testator (person making the will) with respect to his property, which he desires to be carried into effect after his death.

A will shall be operational only after the death of the testator and under no situation will it be operational when the testator is alive.

Why is making a will significant? Why should one make it?

Can a non- signatory be a party to arbitration?

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By: Ramesh Vaidyanathan and Sayeli Mehra

The Delhi High Court answered this question recently with an emphatic ‘No’ in the case of Sudhir Gopi vs. Indira Gandhi National Open University & Ors. (“IGNOU”) and clarified that an arbitral tribunal does not have the power to lift the corporate veil to bind a non-signatory to an arbitration proceeding, except where a corporate form has been used for an unlawful purpose or to perpetuate a fraud.